Before dawn, a brilliant full moon illuminates the snowy landscape of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, home to an arctic fox.
Photograph by Norbert Rosing, National Geographic

gmail is having some sort of an epilepsy today
uuuuugggghhhh is there a decent e-mail service?

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Where’s the largest wooden structure in the world? Seville, Spain. Find out more about The Metropol Parasol »
Photograph by Dorothea Schmid, laif/Redux

Take an ancient Roman holiday, in Slovenia.
Photograph by Guy Edwardes, Corbis

in case you’re wondering, i am using my apple device to visit tumblr now
it won’t be too long so i am reblogging my ass off

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uninteresting subjects in college, no laptop (so i can’t use the scanner), no sketchbook, no tablet, no pencil, stuck at home watching the raindrops falling in my room’s walls become dry

my life right now is crumbling my dreams of becoming a background artist
they shouldn’t wonder why i wanted to kill myself and having nightmares
idle minds are the devil’s workshop as some people say

they even restricted me from taking pills and seeking help from my psychiatrist

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