my parents hid all sharp objects in fear that imma cut or stab myself
blankets and ropes too, because i might hang myself
then i asked them if i can go to therapy again
they said i don’t need therapies

fuck them
they always interfere whenever i consult my psychiatrist
they’re always fucking there when i discuss my lack of enthusiasm in life and desire to die and asking some advice to my psychiatrist
i cannot tell them to fuck off, because that would be rude
but it’s bothersome when they laugh at me and tell my psychiatrist that i’m just a lazy sack of shit that doesn’t want to go to school
and when we leave, my parents will scold me for cussing and also spending money just to see the psychiatrist

so lemme tell ya ‘bout something
i am suffering depression since i’m at 6th grade
my parents don’t even give a damn about it, well yeah, they blame my depression on me
“there are people had it worse than you, we love you why are you depressed, if you’re in my shoes working that’s the only legit reason to be depressed but we kept going, it’s all in the mind, blah blah blah”
one ugly thing about depression is one day i eat a lot, then the next, i have no appetite
then they’re like “you’ve gone so fat, calm down when you’re eating” or “wow you lost weight, you have no belly anymore but you don’t really have to starve yourself!”
then there goes my lack of enthusiasm over anything
because everything’s plagued with negativity and horrible consequences, so what’s the point of doing anything anyway

noticed i haven’t been around lately?
i don’t feel like posting/reblogging and other shit to do anymore
i just skip class and lie in bed
maybe after this semester my professors will kill me and drop me off
i need a fucking drink… oh wait, my parents fucking banned me from drinking anything besides water, juice, and soda! no booze and milkshakes for me

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you know it’s such a sad feel when your favorite villager/character in animal crossing barely has a fanart

don’t worry, my favorite ac character
if i get better at drawing i will draw lots of you

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Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland by S. Emerson

i must say i am glad (and excited) for harvest moon lost valley
fans would go for sos because of “omgzzz hawt bachelor/ettes” and “better graphikzzzz”
while i am totally in the hype train for tlv because of the charming chibi graphics and an interesting take on farming
(and tlv harvest sprites look like a pikmin oh well i must take a second look)

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All college students can relate